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Facebook Store

Reap the fruits! Profit from all the effort you put into promotion on social networks. Sell your product directly on your Facebook page.

Product reviews

Get authentic reviews of concrete products or services from customers. You can use them on your website, Facebook or in your store.

Price List

Show your customers price list of your services and products. Clearly in categories with option to add photos.

Share to Win

Get more clicks, likes and shares! Create a contest or simply reward your fans for clicking your links and sharing your content with their friends.

Advent Calendar

Take advantage and let your business benefit from Christmas. Remind your clients just how much – or how little time is left to buy Christmas gifts.

Product catalog

Speed up decision making of potential buyers! Allow them to calculate the price. Offer your products and services together with a simple, transparent and accessible catalogue.

Restaurant Menu

Make your Facebook page delicious! Boast your tasty menu along with prices. Let your customers order food or make table reservations right on your Facebook page.

Video Contest

Throw a movie party on your Facebook page. Draw your fans to submit a video and let them compete for votes in your original video contest.

Facebook Flyer

Promote your product, service or event with awesome pictures. Upload any graphics or images and bolster your Facebook campaign with a flyer.

Contact Form

Collect more e-mails! Let your clients make online reservations, subscribe to your newsletters and join your Facebook contests through this universal form.

Survey Form

Are your customers happy with your service? Let them tell you. This questionnaire form allows your clients to leave a message and also helps you to collect client data.

Instagram App

Show more, gain more! Get new Instagram followers. Link your Facebook page to your Instagram account and expose your Instagram pics on Facebook.

Quizz Maker

Tease the brains and grow your e-mail list. Test your fans, launch a guessing contest and get useful feedback through a quiz.

E-mail Capture

Get all the data you want from your customers and build a contact database. Offer quality content in exchange for names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Photo Contest

Gain thousands of new followers. Engage your fans and their friends with a photo contest. This app will allow them to submit their favorite photos and compete for votes.

Wheel of Fortune

Your fans and friends will love this! Turning the wheel of fortune and trying to hit the right wedge will keep your fans entertained and attached for a long time.

Guess the Code!

Cause a buzz! Entertain your followers with a guessing game. The participants guess the code in attempt to unlock a safe or treasure trove full of prizes.

News Tab

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Spread the word! Enhance your Facebook page with this special tab and keep your fans informed about your latest news and events.


Organize a webinar for your clients


Show people working for your business, brand, or page to get even closer to your customers

Searching for Employees

Are you looking for new employees? Take advantage of a special application to help you find the most suitable candidate.

Messenger Bot

Using Messenger bot, you create a great bot for communication with Facebook customers.

Discount Coupons

Give your top Facebook customers discount coupons for selected products and motivate them to buy instantly.

Store Finder

Create a sales location map for your business and show your customers where they can find you.

Selling Tickets

Sell tickets for events. Selling Tickets application you can set up in few minutes.

Timeline Competition

Timeline Competition app will help you manage contests organized on your Facebook timeline.

Lucky Machine

Competitors spin the cylinders and try to strike 3 same symbols in a row. You can add a price to every combination.


Connect your page with your Pinterest profile.


Connect your page with your Twitter profile.


Connect your page with your YouTube channel.

Group discount

Create a quantity discount for your customers and motivate them to share your product, services or brand.


Give away numbers to your fans and draw few in a certain time.

Wish Machine

Give your customers an opportunity to send an original wish.

TOP Fans

Motivate your fans to action. Create a table of the most active fans and reward them.

Reservation Calendar

Give your customers an opportunity to reserve a fixed time for consultation, visit or service.


Create a virtual auction hall and give people an opportunity to auction their product or whatever. The income can be dedicated to charity or something.


Let users vote among your preselected options.

Share to Pay

Provide quality content to your followers and let them pay you back by sharing your offers, posts and events with their friends.

Task Journey

Create funny adventures for your fans. Let them seek and complete special tasks that will advertise your product, service and brand.

Special Offer

Cut a deal and make more sales on Facebook! Promote your limited-time offers and multi-buy deals. This app will help you offer discounts no buyer will be able to resist.

Try them for first 14 days for $1