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We use SocialSprinters for the full range of our clients. From large corporations to small stone shops. A huge benefit of these applications is the variability. We can easily create marketing funnel that can be used to lead successful personal campaigns or sell diving equipment around the world.

Zdenek Polansky

GreenSocS agency

SocialSprinters are very simple and intuitive. We love them because we are getting new leads every day. Then we use them for our follow up campaigns.

Pavel Stein

CEO of e-shop

We are paying our membership for 2 years and I can say that this has completely changed our marketing. Instead of hurried events, we are doing thoughtful campaigns to introduce new products. And it works perfectly.

Ales Talsky

Marketing manager of Manner

SocialSprinters is trusted by
more than 6500 companies. Why?

All apps are ready-to-use

No programming. Each function is ready for you.

Easy visual editor

For a few clicks you will easily edit colors, fonts and images.

Real time statistics

Leads, views and purchases in real time. Optimize whenever you want.

Everything in your language

Language of your app can be easily customized. Our customer support will help you with everything.

SocialSprinters Users Have Generated 1,688,219 Leads And Counting!

Lead Generation Is Hard. See Why So Many Choose SocialSprinters

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Selling is a cycle

Selling is a cycle. We have apps for every stage of your customers.

Viral Loop Apps

Photo contest, video contest, wheel of fortune or viral loop.

Lead Gen Apps

Distribute your e-book or PDF. Prepare professional quiz or research. Everything GDPR compliant.

Landing Page Apps

Prepare beautiful landing page with no programming skills. Use it everywhere.

Review Gen Apps

Get new feedback and reviews from your customers every day.

Connect With Your Favorite Marketing and Advertising Platforms

Smart Emailing
eshop rychle

SocialSprinters is trusted by companies around the world

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At the beginning was my impatience

"At the beginning was my impatience. Because when I have a new idea how to sell, I want to start immediately. I don't want to wait for programmers and designers."

Tomas Muzik

Founder and CEO