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Firo Tour is one of the largest czech travel agencies who’s been on the market since 1990. Firo Tour permanently monitors trends and travelling development and opens new destinations for the czech market. The company checks approximately 100.000 clients every year. The biggest part are the residental tours, where Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy dominates.

Firo also prepared a special photocontest for the summer.

Let’s look how Firo organized this photocontest.


Firo wanted to increase the number of fans on their Facebook page and entertain their actual fans. It made sense that in the middle of the summer holidays the people could send photos from their vacation. They only needed to find the app that will allow to upload photos and vote for the best photo.


App choosing

It was important to find the solution that not only allows the voting but also allows the admin of the app to be able to choose the best photo on his own to eventually eliminate the „like gangs“. SocialSprinters Photocontest application was the best choice to make.


Firo Tour prepared a photocontest fast and simple. The users were challenged to upload the best photos from their vacation to get votes from their friends or other visitors. The photo with the most votes could win a free trip to Spain for 2 people and other discount vouchers.

„We rate the preparation and functionality of the app very positive. The setting didn’t take much time and was very easy and intuitive. Even the less experienced user can handle the launching process.”


App boosting

Logically even the app promoting takes place on Facebook. Three promoting posts were used which redirected right into the contest application on Facebook.

The most successful was the post where the prize was mentionted. Not only the reach of this post, but also the number of likes and comments.

Total investment in Facebook advertising was only $260 and reached 229,986 users, 621 responses to post, 131 comments and 131 shares.

Simply launch the photo contest on your website


  • Contest lenght: 21 days (2.-8.22.2016)
  • Total photos uploaded: 1.451
  • Total amount of voting users: 15.686
  • Total number of new fans: more than 1.000 
  • Total amount of collected e-mail adressess: 17.375
  • Page interest and engagement: 21% increase 

firo stats


“Although our fans on Facebook page gain substantially spontaneously, and in the past we did a campaign focused on gaining new fans page. These PPC campaigns were successful, but did not reach such a response and engagement as this competition.

We were very surprised at how low the cost can organize a nice and functional competition mainly positive response from fans. A big plus is intuitive environment in which the application is set up and adapts to their needs. Certainly in the future by an application we will use again. “- Ing. Dusan Smoljak, Project Manager of MarketUP s.r.o.

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