Pure Coco is 100% coconut water which is loved by athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle. This product is the result of travelling and desire to enjoy something from tropical lands even here in Czech republic. Thanks to that, Pure Coco made a really big impression and gained their fans when came to market with something new.
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Pure Coco was about to introduce a new product, it was necessary to start the fan page and grab fans’ attention more than ever before. With upcoming Christmas it would be a clever step to organize a contest where everyone could win a christmas present.


The solution for this was simple. Organize a really favourite contest with the Wheel of Fortune application on SocialSprinters. Christmas design was catchy and challenged everyone who ran over this contest to try spinning the wheel! The contest is simple. The users just spin the wheel and wait for his result. Everyone can spin the wheel just once a day and it’s possible to get 2 extra spins for sharing the app and entering the email adress.

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The contest was running until all the prizes were won. There were 25 prizes in total. There were Pure Coco products as prizes, discount coupons and other. The contest was really a boom – the prizes were given away in only 3 days and the results were insane – the page increased the activity of actual and customers. Thanks to this campaign the product was introduced the best way it could!


  • Lenght of the contest: 3 days
  • Total nuber of spins: 420
  • Total number of collected e-mail adresses: 319
  • Total number of prizes: 25
  • Total increase of visitors: more than 998% 
  • Traffic increase from the previous month: more than 641% 

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