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What our members say about SocialSprinters?

Apps from SocialSprinters are just great. They offer fabulous price-performance ratio. All it required was a bit of creativity. Besides that we only configured some basic settings and put the app on our Facebook page. Simple as that. If we'd wanted to develop the app on our own, it would have taken us way longer and cost us much more, that's for sure. Administration is so simple and intuitive.

Tomáš Haškovec

Our company mainly deals with photos and post processing. Photo contests are a traditional way to entertain our clients, but the photo contest app changed everything. Since we began using it, we‘ve moved to a higher level and the number of competitors has increased.

Bohdan Wojkowský Foto Morava

I would like to thank you for your great apps and advice that you give us. Now our company has a turnover about $40.000! And up to 40% of that comes to us from Facebook! Your apps are priceless! Thank you!

Petra Plemlová Unuo design

We changed our approach to the whole marketing strategy. We stopped relying on the customers from organic search only or a word of mouth and we started with online activities. And the real things started to begin. Until the end of the August in 2016 we increased the turnover of the company by more than 300%! The online course from Tomas Muzik helped in a significant way and the SocialSprinters apps also.

Pavel Stein KrmímKvalitně.cz