Today we’re bringing you a concrete example of how it is possible to profit from the competition staged on Facebook page even for the companies that never used the Facebook as a marketing and sale tool before.

The company that sells the special grilling bricks „Grill Bill“ hasn’t been using Facebook that much recently. The amount of fans on their Facebook fanpage was less than 40 before the competition.

It may seem that there is no big potential with this number. However, our Wheel of Fortune application showed the opposite.


The main goals was to sell all the brick and increase the awareness of this grilling technology.


We launched the competition directly on the Facebook page in a special application bookmark – the Wheel of Fortune with 240 prizes.

Prices were 70%, 50% and 30% discount on the grill Grill Bill bricks, a favourite product for the summer barbecues.


The preview of the Wheel of Fortune

Contest boosting

The only investment in the contest was well targeted advertisment on Facebook.

At the beginning of the advertisment the cost for the click on the boosted post with the application link was $0.08 but after adjusting and better targeting we got to $0.031 per click.

Total outlay for the Facebook advertisment was $183.

Grill Bill

How the boosted post looks on Facebook

Clicking on this post takes the users right to the application tab, where they can try their luck and spin the wheel where they win one of the main prizes or the extra spin or they win nothing.

The wheel was spun by 2786 users who spun the wheel 4 427 times!

We distributed all the 240 prizes in just five days.

Snímek obrazovky 2017-04-10 v 20.56.54

The results of the Wheel

We attracted the attention of the target group.

To all the competitors who didn’t win we sent an email campaign, where we offered them a 30% discount for the bricks purchase.

The outcome of this campaign was 107 purchases (161 packs) for the total amount of $970

The average purchase of the e-shop’s customers is 1,5 packs of the grilling bricks. Thanks to this campaign the average was 2,5 and attracted not only the current customers but also the new ones where their return to the shop is more likely because of the bricks‘ popularity.

There were purchases even from the new customers who didn’t win any of the discount coupons.


  • Orders for $970
  • Increase of the contact database with more than 2,000 e-mails
  • Increased the number of Facebook page fans (from 40 to almost 600 users)
  • Increase of our website traffic
  • Additional sales potential

Jakub Kořenek

“We were pleasantly surprised that even though we practically never used Facebook that much before setting up the competition, the event was a huge success. Not only that we have fulfilled all the goals that we set, but we also know that it was an excellent investment for the future. We will definitely continue to benefit from competitions. “

– James Kořenek / owner of the company –

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