Foto Morava is a company in Czech working in the field of professional photo digital printing and also the printing  on the gift items. This company appreciates their clients and takes care of them. Their facebook page has a certain group of fans who really appreciates their work.



Primary goal was to engage the actual fans, attract the attention of potential new ones and increase the sales.


For the company who works with photos, our application „Photo Contest“ on the SocialSprinters platform was the clear choice. The contestants upload their photos right into the application and they need to get the most votes until the last minute to get the best rank in the competition. In this case, Foto Morava made 6 main prizes for the first six photos with most votes. They were rewarded with their service coupons.

Snímek obrazovky 2017-04-10 v 20.26.36

Even though the competition took place only for 22 days, it had a huge success. A lot more users got engaged to the contest than their previous photo contest that wasn’t organised through our app. The company experienced an increase of purchases these days. The winners often made the bigger purchases than the values of the coupons were.

lista-1024x258 kopie


  • Contest lenght: 22 days
  • Total photos uploaded: 305
  • Total number of collected e-mail adresses: 5.709
  • Fanbase increased by 1643%
  • Traffic increased by 2925%


bohdan page“Our company mainly deals with photo processing. The photo contest is natural entertainment for our customers. The possibility to use the application moved us on a higher level. In our last competition the amount of competitors rapidly increased thanks to you app. A little lack of this app is that often win the photos with most votes but they are not actually the best ones. But that’s why we also made a temporary „jury“ to choose the best photos independently of likes.” 

Bohdan Wojkowský/Foto Morava


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