Do you have a cat or dog? Krmím Kvalitně s.r.o. is a company specialized in pet nutrition. Not only they deliver high-quality pellets, but they also help you select the right type for your pet. Should your four-legged friend frown upon the serving, they‘ll even accept opened containers for exchange and try to provide a better option. „Our ideal is a customer who cares about the health of their pet,“ explains the e-shop owner Paul Stein. In August, his ideal came to fruition as he reached thousands of such customers on Facebook. In that very same month, his e-shop sales grew by 30%.

What‘s behind the sales spike and how much it cost?


Let’s boost the summer sales. In July and August, people vacate. They pack up in a hurry and postpone anything that can be delayed. Shopping for pet food comes last. Why not to try capitalizing on that? Another part of the mission was to advertise Best Breeder, the private brand of hypoallergenic pellets made in the UK.


If there‘s one thing people aren‘t tired of doing even during the hottest summer days, it‘s taking pictures. That‘s why KRMÍM KVALITNĚ organized a photo contest called the Summer Banquet. Out of the top 100 photos based on votes, 10 photographs were selected and rewarded. The winners took home 26-pound bags of Best Breeder Grain Free pet food for either cats or dogs. The following banquets probably lasted longer than all-summer-long.



What was the contest platform?

Krmím Kvalitně went for the SocialSprinters application. Not a suprise. The contest app had already been tested by the company prior to Christmas 2015. As it encourages further sharing both by contestants and voters, the reach of the contest app is virtually unlimited. Its avalanche-spread function helped to attract a respectable total of 2013 photographs. Furthermore, the photo contest gathered a contact database of 21 199 e-mail addresses. All of them were used for another campaign.

That‘s why picking the platform for the summer contest was a no-brainer and the SocialSprinters application paid off once again.

Check the results of the summer photo contest:

  • Date of competition: 1 August – 31 August, 2016
  • Total number of photos in contest: 1467
  • The number of collected emails: 19 385
  • Total number of new fans: 1218
  • Sales increase from the previous month: 30%

See how they advertised the competition?

The examples below show that throughout the contest, the company targeted various groups of clients with promotional posts. The boost was well worth it, and total costs never exceeded $580. 



Add the application to your Facebook page

After the end of the competition the company started with remarketing on newly collected lead and started gaining new customers.

“In 2015, we changed our approach to marketing. We stopped relying only on customers from search engines or personal contacts and engaged online activities. And things began to happen. At the end of August 2016 the sales increased by more than 300%! An important way to help and online course Tomas Muzik and also SocialSprinters applications, “says Managing Director Paul Stein.

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