Today we bring you a specific case study. We will describe how „With English Around the World“ project made a five times more than was the invested amount of money in just two days. It’s a very short time for these numbers.

What is needed?

  • Service or product that you want to sell
  • Give away valuable prizes that will attract the attention of potential contestants
  • Use the simple app that will help you organize a contest
  • Get the users to compete

1. Service or product that the contest is about

In this case it was clear. With Enligh Around the World in 80 Days is an online language course for  anyone who wants to open an imaginary door to all corners of our planet.

The course leader is the native speaker Jonathan who has more than 20 years of teaching english experience. He’s had more than 1.000 students so far. No doubt about the quality of his services. How the course looks can everyone find out by registrating to the free lessons. Thanks to that you have an option to try the course before you actually buy it.

The price of the course is $95.

2. Attractive prizes

Instead of winning the whole course for free or other less valuable prizes that would be just the outlay, it was decided that the prizes will be the certain % of discounts. The biggest prize was 50% discount for the course.

3. Choosing the right app

It was clear from the beginning that some of the contest apps from SocialSprinters will be used because it’s very easy to set them up and operate them. The next advantage is that you can put the Facebook pixel in.

4. Where to find contestants?

The contest will be useless without the users, so think about where exactly you can reach your customers.

In this case the users could find out about the contest from these sources:

• Facebook post which redirected right into the contest app
• Paid Facebook advertisment
• E-mail invitation

Step by step to realization

  • Adjust the design, texts and prizes in SocialSprinters administration
  • Prepare a 50% discount page
  • Share the app on Facebook
  • Set up and start the Facebook advert
  • Send the information e-mail to your contact database

From contestants’ eyes


Those who wanted to spin the wheel just clicked on one of the sources, autorized the application and spun the wheel.  Depending on where the wheel stopped, they instantly won something or got another extra spins. (By sharing or entering their e-mail). In the worst case they could just try the wheel again the next day.

If someone won, the e-mail with the 50% discount link for the course was sent immediately.


The Wheel of Fortune contest that was giving away 503 prizes (50% discount for the course) was attended by 327 contestants in total who spun the wheel for more than 400 times. They won 77 prizes in total.

lišta statistik mustr jonny EN

Conversion ratio of sent winning email was 20% (15 orders, 13 immediately paid).



The money invested in the Facebook advertisment was $135 and the SocialSprinters application pack (that you can also try) was for $1 for the first 14 days.


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