Let’s look how competitions can be organized on Facebook and how they can work out really good. We’ll be talking about unuodesign.cz e-shop! Petra (the owner of the shop) wrote us:

“I would love to thank you for your apps and great advice that you give to all of us. Our company now has a turnover around $41.000 a month and around 40% of it comes from Facebook. Your services are priceless!”

We asked her to tell us more about how she uses our applications in practice. We received this e-mail from her. Perfectly wrote up case study that we just supplied with screenshots and few titles.


The first application for the contest that we tried was the Wheel of Fortune. We chose it for its simplicity. One simple click to spin the wheel and it’s done. Ideal for a test try. Because it was our first contest that we tried, we didn’t set any goals and we wondered how it would end. Everyone who spinned the wheel had a chance to win discount vouchers or free shipping for the e-shop products.

Thanks to that we were really motivated so we organized another contest. We found out that mothers that buy from us are interested in these contests.

Make a step forward

We knew that we had something powerful in our hands with what we could speak to our actual and new customers and we just continued in creating another contests. The functions of the SocialSprinters apps are great, simple and fast. We were able to prepare everything in a while and when I wasn’t 100% sure about something, it was solved via e-mail in a few minutes.

The next contest was more coherent and matched exactly the concept of our company. Mothers the dressmakers like to share what they made for their little kids. We all know that women need these kind of emotions in their lives. They need respect, praise, recognition and inspiration. If you add a nice prize to this, the success is guaranteed.




The goal of the second contest that we tried was to get the photos of the products made of material that we sell. We realized that the photos of finished products are really important part of the sale. Not every customer has a fantasy that big so he could imagine what can be made of our material. We don’t have the time to prepare the final products for inspiration so now it’s the time when we need our customers’ helping hand.

Cloth in numbers

The first contest – the wheel of fortune had 777 attendants. 129 of them won one of the discounts vouchers. The average price of orders is $36.

unuo 2


The photocontest accomplished its goal and brought us 106 photos of our customers’ finished products made from our materials. We added these photos to our products.

unuo 3

During the photocontest we recorded dozens maybe hundreds of questions like from what, how and where our customers made these things. Sales increased by 30% during these days. ($2450 extra a week)

3.050 users attended voting in the contest and left us their e-mail adresses which we use for communication with them.

We were very surprised that according to Google Analytics there was 15% increase of traffic by new customers, which is real high number in our scarce field and even the graph of traffic grew the same as the graph of sales.

At this moment 40% of sales comes from Facebook.

The number of orders increased even on our second shop unuo.cz where we sell finished products made from our cloth. Not all the mothers are dressmakers and thanks to sharing they found our finished products.


„I have to say that our page is one of the few happy, where the customers really go unforced to look at the products and show off their own organic. I perceive that as a gift because it’s hard to keep the customers in a “wakeful state” all the time. For example when the weather gets good and hot it’s hard to keep mothers at their machines, then the sales naturally decrease… but the SocialSprinters apps are miracle. They are perfect and we’re not going to give up on them!” 

Petra Plemlová / owner of the company – Unuodesign.cz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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